Role of Teachers in Building a Sustainable Primary Education Curriculum in Ogun State, Nigeria
OYINLOYE, Comfort Adebola PhD; FILADE Bankole Adeyemi; ADEOYE, Ayodele PhD; UWANNAH, Ngozi Caroline PhD

The present study was conducted to examine the role of teachers in building a sustainable primary education curriculum in Ogun State, Nigeria. A survey design was employed and a sample of 200 teachers drawn from public and private primary schools was drawn through the stratified sampling technique. A self-constructed and validated questionnaire titled Teachers’ Role in Building a Sustainable Primary Education Curriculum Questionnaire (TRBSPECQ) was utilized. Data collected were analyzed by means of Pearson’s r and multiple regression analysis at the .05 level of significance. Results showed that there was significant combined and relative influence of teachers’ computer literacy, Internet use, and in-service training on sustainable primary education curriculum as well as significant inter-relationships among the variables of the study.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rah.v8n1a2