Dyslexic Characteristics among Jaffna Students
Ms. Gevani Prahalathan

Learning disability is a cognitive problem that is not seen as a disability among students, unless the teachers or parents have awareness about it. In the case of Jaffna peninsula it is much worse that students are not given special care which affects their education and future and they are labelled as “lazy’ students who don’t like to study and are being punished as well. To overcome this situation and to bring a better future for the poor children who have this disability, this research is to give support as well as awareness about this disability in the Jaffna peninsula. This research is focused at the linguistic level of the disability of dyslexia, the data collected and analysed through questionnaires given to the parents and teachers who deal with children, interviews and reading activities for the children were given to identify the difficulties. This research examines the problems of learning disability in a linguistic view as the analysis mainly focuses on linguistic characteristics based on Tamil language, in which linguistic level the children are having difficulties so that it would be easy to explain to the teachers as well as parents, how they should be able to find out the problems so that it will be easy to correct the children and give repetitive exercises to drill them little by little to bring them up. This thesis will also help both parents and teachers to cope with children of learning disability.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rah.v5n2a4