Indian English Women’s Narratives from the 1950S to 1999: a Parallel Confrontation of Political Stories and Controversial her Stories
Dr. Ana García-Arroyo

In this article I attempt to establish a parallelism between some gender issues that emerge in modern post independence Indian society and their reflection in Indian English literature written by women writers. Guided by an accurate selection of works, in their great majority novels by Indian women writers in English, I aim to search out a parallel confrontation between the questions raised in the fictional narratives and the struggle of women at each particular her storical period: the Nehruvian time, the 70s-80s, the 90s and the globalized era. On the other hand I would also like to demonstrate that some of the fiction written by Indian female writers, and the issues discussed, transgress social and cultural patterns upheld by the hegemonic patriarchal power. As a result it will confirm how some of these Indian English narratives written by women writers have anticipated life.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rah.v5n1a6