Color Database Establishment and Color Rendering Analysis of Taiwanese Floral Fabric
Hui-Chun Hsiao

Traditional Taiwanese floral fabric was the fabric produced by printing and dyeing technique after the rising of textile industry in Taiwan during 1950s. Taiwanese floral fabric was originated from the imitation of Japanese textile and curtain cloth. An image of its own has later been developed with local visual experience and cultural memories after a 30 years’ time. The study aims to study colors of traditional Taiwanese floral fabric, collect and conduct systematic research and analysis on structure of color elements as well as color combinations for establishing a dedicated cultural color database of Taiwan. In the meantime, in-depth interviews were also conducted to find out the color rendering as well as social and cultural meanings of traditional floral fabric in order to deepen the meanings of those cultural colors.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rah.v5n1a4