Resistance in martial arts: for a martial semiotics
Dr. Mahamadou Lamine Ou├ędraogo

While considering non-verbal language, semiotics of the natural world opens the question of the sensitive. The issue of the body and the body-in-act is formulated through the martial arts the long tradition of which makes it a particular object. The body performance, as from physics involves the concept of resistance. The current reflection questions the semiotic mode under which martial arts think out resistance. The tensive ratio energy / movement induces four modalities that set the type of martial acting body: resistance, strength, absorption and bending. The pattern of resistance comes in cognitive resistance, pragmatic resistance, active resistance, passive resistance and flesh-resistance. The resistive tension, by putting into contacting active resistance and passive resistance, describes the correspondence between adversity (intensity) and body activity (extensity). Exploring the issue of the sensitive in martial arts indexes martial semiotics.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rah.v4n2a3