Alvaro Lins: The Formation of the Modern Brazilian Poetry Canon in the Work OsMortos de Sobrecasaca
Marcio Roberto Pereira, LaisIaci Mirallas de Carvalho

This essay explains about the modernist canon of brazilian poetry by the studies of Álvaro Lins. Alvaro Lins was a literary critic who marked the Brazilian scene of the twentieth century, because with their studies premeditated what would be the great poets who remained immortalized in Brazilian literature over time.In the year of 1963 he published the work OsMortos de sobrecasaca: obras, autores e problem as de literaturabrasileira. Ensaios e estudos 1940-1960, wherein he built in the first part of the worka panorama of Brazilian modernist movement in the poetry. The critic selected the poets from a set of values established on critical judgments on those who represent the modernist canon of national literature. For the confirmation of the study, this essay also analyzes the most important aspects from the work of Álvaro Lins that highlight the real significance of the writers analyzed by him and how important is his personality for the brazilian literature.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rah.v4n1a3