Four Future Challenges in Policing for Chief Executives
David P. Weiss

This article discusses four challenges for the future of policing as self-identified by twelve police executive leaders throughout the U.S.Twelve police executives from throughout the U.S. were interviewed by this author with regard to future challenges of policing, with a content analysis conducted of their interviews using Tyler’s argument of the necessity of procedural justice, legitimacy, and trust for social cohesionas the explanatory theoretical basis.Four common themes were identified by many of the police executive leaders who were interviewed, including protecting constitutional rights of all, keeping up with ever-changing technologies, navigating multigenerational divides in the workplace, and meeting community expectations.This article makes a contribution to the literature and to policing by discussing those issues most salient to police executives across the U.S. with regard to the future of policing and the policy implications therein. Both current and upand- coming police leaders throughout the nation can take note of these selfidentified challenges and govern or plan accordingly.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rah.v3n3-4a2