Self Exile & Redemption in the “Artistic Utopia”: Susan Sontag’s Modern Interpretation of American Spirits
Song Shenli (宋沈黎)

As a highly visible international figure for her established fame in the literary and critic circle, Susan Sontag has produced many influential works covering a wide range of fields and diverse topics, including social criticism, literary creation, cultural studies, and political critiques. Based on the study of her major work In America, the author of this thesis attempts to examine the relationship between the artistic selfconsciousness of creative writings and the innovative contextualization of the reality in order to situate her contributions within the conception of the intellectual life in the United States. Through an in-depth analysis of Sontag’s understanding of the modern American society as presented in her historical novels, the author tries to make investigations on such subjects as American spirits, American characters and the American Dreams, of which Sontag offers a new definition in her creative writings

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