Snake and Ladder Games in Cognition Development on Students with Learning Difficulties
Associate Professor Dr. Suppiah Nachiappan, Nurain Abd. Rahman, Harikrishnan Andi, Fatimah Mohd Zulkafaly

The usage of various suitable learning mediums in teaching and learning Mathematics enhances cognitive development of the students with learning difficulties. The aim of this study is to examine the using of snake and ladder game as a learning medium for those students with this learning difficulties. This study is using qualitative methods. Data was collected by observation of the game that has been conducted. The respondents for this study involve five students in the school A which have learning problems. Observation and outcome of data have been analyzed in order to make the researcher more convenient in gaining the information. The finding of this study showed that the usage of snake and ladder game enhances the cognitive development of the student with learning difficulties in learning Mathematics.

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