Plight of Marginalized: Educational Issues of Transgender Community in Pakistan
Shahla Tabassum, Sadia Jamil

The present study focused on the issues of transgender community regarding their education. It is one of the emerging issues of our society and directly interacts with the complexities of gender identity and the lives of these people facing the gender disapproval form the society. The objective of the study was to find out the need of education in their life and their perception about getting their education and contribution of state towards the plight of the transgender community. The research was conducted by using interview method through a self-semi structured guideline. The snowball sampling technique was used as it was difficult to find out the study participants. The sample size for collection of the information was 5o participants. The overall findings of the study showed that the social prejudice is too strong towards their appearance and despite the fact that the transgender community wanted to get education but they had to stay out of this institution. The findings further revealed that there was not any single practical approach adopted by the government for the plight of the transgender community. On the basis of study it is suggested that there should be a formal law/policy in the education sector that facilitate the third gender community within the institution and further there is a need of a platform at the city level to send their needs to the government.

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