An Assessment of the Challenges and Prospects of Power Sector Reform in Nigeria from 2000 – 2013
Lawan Cheri, AlhajiAhmadu Ibrahim

The paper assesses the challenges being faced by power sector reform in Nigeria from 2000 when the reform was conceived by the then administration of President Olushegun Obasanjo, to the 2013 when actual implementation is beginning to take shape. The research work uses documentary analysis technique to assess various documents in order to find out the rationale behind the reform agenda, the various challenges that the reform must address such as general apathy, fear of price hike and technical expertise of private owners and the prospects of the reform such as revitalization of the manufacturing sector, reduction of unemployment and crime as well as improving national image. The paper offers useful recommendations on how best to guard against failure of the reform agenda by insisting of transparency, due process and safeguarding the reform against possible sabotage.

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