Adolescence: An Age of Storm and Stress
Saba Hashmi

This research paper gives impetus on the world's adolescents growing up in the world and focuses on the areas of evaluating existing developmental models or proposing culturally based approaches to studying adolescent development; describing successful models of interventions to improve the well-being of youth; and examining how global factors are experienced locally by adolescents. Adolescence is a time of development and a roller coaster of adjustments to adult life. Much of the time, adolescents are disregarded, stereotyped, and misjudged based on their nature and age. Girls especially undergo a distressing series of events during adolescence that while uncomfortable, will eventually lead to the formation of an identity that the adolescent will have well into their adult life. A myriad of factors affect the development of identity during the adolescent years, and many things can help and hinder this process. This study therefore aimed to explore how adolescents from the majority of world perceive and cope with stress in the domains of parents, peers, and culture.

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