“Communitarian Aspects of Santal Tribe’s Village Life and Inner Meaning of Nature from their Point of View”
Joseph Hansda

Santal tribe like other tribes of India has a specific characteristic. They are very ordinary people with unique customs, traditions and practices. They live mostly in rural belts, live a life of isolation in terms of geographical location in general. Tribes constitute 8.5% of the India’s population as per 2001 census, whereas, the Santal tribe is the third largest tribal community in India. The communitarian life of the Santal tribe is unique, and it is one of the essential characteristics of them. They are fully fused and captivated with nature. This study focuses on examining the communitarian living of the Santal tribe and their symbiotic relations with ‘nature’, their love and respect for nature and the way they connect and relate themselves with ‘nature’ seems mystical and spiritualistic.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rah.v11n1a4