The Influence of Western Culture on Taiwanese Trademark Design in the Early Post-war Period (1945-1960s)
Mei-Yun Hsu

Thisstudy aims on the visual cultural phenomenon of the westernization of trademark design in Taiwan in the early post-war period(1945-1960s). This period was an era of great changes occurred in Taiwan from political, cultural to economic social environment, the changes directly affected the design environment at that time and formed a unique phenomenon. In other words, these trademark designs were also a record of the social and culture texture of the time.After the war, due to the reign of the R.O.C government and the close interaction with the United States, American Western culture was widely spread in Taiwan, also influenced the design style. Therefore, this paper aims on how Western culture affects trademark design through studying the trademark of common products in the early Post-war period, and summed up the influences of Western culture on the design of trademark at that time.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/rah.v10n1a1